Live Video Chat

Live Video Chat

We offer live video chat with a Ramsey trained, master financial coach by using Skype or FaceTime for Apple users.

Internet-based counseling has been around for a number of years, mainly in the form of email-based coaching or live chat sessions (think AOL messenger). These services have been valuable; helping people get advice and assistance for managing difficult problems, for effective budget counseling, and for help with financial issues.

Today, it is possible to leverage these techniques using 21st Century tool like SMS Text Messaging along with Skype and FaceTime. Text Message Counseling is covered elsewhere, so let’s examine the value of Video Chat Counseling. This method allows you to make a video call to your Financial Coach online. This means that you can see each other and interact as if you were in the same room.

Skype Coaching is becoming the first choice for many people these days. Convenience is one very important reason why many people choose Skype video counseling sessions, but there are many other reasons why this can be a good choice.

Many people looking for financial advice are concerned about the stigma that may come from visiting a Dave Ramsey trained Financial Coach. They also might be concerned about their privacy. Skype-based online counseling sessions are designed with these concerns in mind.

Is Online Video Chat Coaching a good choice for you?

As long as you are able to fill in the budget and debt-snowball forms for yourself, then Online Coaching via Skype might be the perfect option for you to consider. Most of our clients are intelligent people who simply want to learn better ways of working with their finances.

We work with many people who are just trying to get ahead or stop living payday to payday. Most are just looking for a little breathing room to get out from under the debt that is keeping them from achieving their goals. The truth is that it is much easier to break free from the chains of debt than you may think. The focus of doing one of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps at a time is often the key to getting control of one’s debt. We have been using this method successfully for many years now.

Because of the financial stress you are feeling you may be struggling with problems in your marriage or conflict in your family. You may feel stuck in unhealthy patterns of spending which can develop into emotional stress. If you would like to learn how to break out of these negative cycles Video Chat Coaching may be just the right solution for you.

Many people live in rural areas, or abroad, and simply don’t have access to the right kind of financial counseling. Online Video Chat counseling is an ideal option if you are living abroad or do not have access to a qualified Dave Ramsey trained counselor where you live.

Other people have a particular interest in the Financial Peace University method of developing a spending plan and paying off debt using the Debt-Snowball that Dave wrote about in his book, “Total Money Makeover.” We have Master Financial Coaches, Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselors across the United States – many of them are available using Video Chat Coaching or SMS Text Message Coaching.

How do I start Online Video Chat Counseling?

If you would like to learn more about Skype-based Video counseling, then please contact us or better yet call us toll free at [phone]. If you want to get a jump start, then get a virtual consultation at


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